Sales vs Marketing: What’s The Difference?

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Sales gets you where you want to go. Marketing is why you want to get there. Meme by Alex Bogusky Does selling feel sleazy to you? If so, there’s a good chance you don’t understand the difference between sales and marketing. Using the example above, these two signs give you very different reactions. In [...]

Follow the 4-Step Marketing Cycle to Make Selling Easy

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  Selling is only pushy if you haven’t done enough pulling. Photo by Camrocker on iStock My first sales job was selling donuts door-to-door. Every Saturday morning, I would knock on the doors of strangers, introduce myself, and make my pitch. Within a few minutes, the stranger would either hand me five bucks, or shut the door in [...]

Stacking Habits of Gratitude

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“Gratitude is the single most important ingredient to living a successful and fulfilled life.” - Jack Canfield Without gratitude, life is just bleak. You can be rich or poor, healthy or sick, lonely or loved, but only appreciation will assign value to that which you possess. James Clear, an expert on making habits, uses the power [...]

Expendable Salespeople mean a Sluggish Economy

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Jobs are so scarce right now, and employers are so hesitant to outlay capital, that the standard default worth of any given salesperson is straight commission. Go out and sell my stuff for me, and I’ll give you a piece. It sounds nice in theory; performance based pay means you’re not carrying any dead weight [...]

Visualization for Success

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Within the next two weeks, I will qualify for Liberty Leaders. I am so close to meeting this goal.  I have worked very hard this year, and my sweat coupled with my imagination will ensure my success. One of the tools I use to meet big goals is Sales Manifestation.  This is a process of [...]

Information peddler

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I have spent some time studying those clever entrepreneurs who have put up a website, marketed an ebook, and made up to $300k a year. They share the same skill set as myself. It it not only within my reach to accomplish so accomplishable a task; it is beginning to be embarrasing that I have [...]


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I'm typing on my new Macintosh laptop.  I bought myself the MacBook Pro because I set a high goal, I attained it, and this is my reward! I cherish the clacking of these keys.  I delight in learning this new system.  I relish the joy of living a manifestation. I made this happen!

Back on the Attack!

By |2009-10-06T02:18:25+13:00October 6th, 2009|Introspection|

I've spent some much-needed recharge time holed up in the mountains, and now I am ready to move back into the progressive realization of worthy ideals that has become my life. While I have come to recognize and value the experience of slowing down, I am simultaneously glad it is not my daily life. Taking [...]

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