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Caelan Huntress started his career as an acrobat in the circus. As an actor, speaker, and digital marketer, he has become an expert in earning and maintaining attention online. Caelan trains presenters, managers, and teachers how to lead better Zoom meetings, through technical consulting, virtual facilitation, and performance coaching.

Keynote Topics

Leading a virtual team, and keeping remote workers aligned and effective, presents a unique set of challenges.

  • How do we connect with people across a Zoom call?
  • How do we keep others aligned with our vision?
  • How do we make sure the work is getting done?
  • How do we use this tech to do all of that?

Strengthening remote connections with your digital tribes can be accomplished when you improve your Culture, Communication, and Collaboration.

Presenting through Zoom is not the same as presenting on a stage. You can’t ask people to put their screens away and give you their full attention – it is through these screens that your audience is watching you! Unfortunately for speakers, one-way communication is easy to ignore. Zoom fatigue makes our audiences tune out, and highly addictive social media is only a click away. By using the Power of Play, and inviting interaction from your attendees, your next Zoom presentation will be engaging, exciting, and full of smiles.

Can people with disabilities fully participate in your virtual meeting?

Our ability to communicate can be hampered by the visual, auditory, motor control, and cognitive impairments in our audience. By employing the best practices of Universal Design, WCAG, and multimedia accessibility, you can design your virtual meetings and webinars so they are fully accessible to everyone who attends.

Virtual meetings on Zoom can be boring, and easy to ignore – unless you provide a fun, interactive game for your participants. In 10 Fun Games to Play on Zoom we go through ten different games together in 4-minute chunks. You will have enough time to experience and practice the game, and the Zoom Host Checklist will give you detailed instructions for facilitating each one.

Studies have shown that working from home can increase your productivity. When remote workers learn to manage their energy and mood, working from home can become a fulfilling method of prioiritizing their life around what matters most to them.

Fully remote corporate teams have provided examples and best practices that can help anyone work from home effectively, whether as a solopreneur, or as part of a larger distributed team.

Your customer is on a journey, from the problem they face, to the solution you provide. You can create a map for them to follow using mythic storytelling. The Monomyth was revealed by Joseph Campbell, in his book Hero With a Thousand Faces. His framework of all stories as reflections of one great cultural story has helped to craft the legends we see on the screen. From Star Wars to Moana, from The Matrix to Harry Potter, all our major cultural stories have followed this same journey. Providing your customer with this same map will help them to follow you on a quest to their purchase.

The two most profitable questions you can ask in your business are also, paradoxically, the ones that we fear the most to ask. Entrepreneurs rely on referrals and testimonials to maintain their network of clients and customers, and studies show that referred customers are worth 16% more in terms of lifetime value, so why do we fear to ask for them? In this session we will learn how to overcome your fear of rejection, by using a simple, repeatable process for collecting the best kinds of clients.

For many entrepreneurs on their journey through the wilderness, they aren’t explorers with indefinite supplies for a trip of unknown duration. Most entrepreneurs are looking for another customer to fix their cashflow, and then another, and then another.

There’s a trail. And your competition has left clear marks about what works for them.

This 60-minute keynote will show you how to follow the trail left by your competitors, while still maintaining your own originality and authentic voice.

Solving small problems for free can fill your funnel with more leads. The Lead Magnet is a small, digestible, nicely designed example of your ability to solve your customer’s problems. This provides a risk-free method to try one of your solutions, and if you solve a small problem well, you will be hired to solve bigger problems, automatically.

Producing content is time-consuming, distracting, and confusing – unless you plan your calendar in advance. By separating the two mindsets of Thinking and Doing, you can maintain your efficiency and protect your creativity. Using these copy-paste formulas, anyone with a blog and a newsletter can produce 20 titles and 52 subject lines in an afternoon.

A sales funnel doesn’t need a whole lot of expensive technology – you can make a basic sales funnel out of any website. Learn the 4 formulas to calculate your sales funnel success, and how these 13 secrets could turn your website into a revenue-generating promotion machine.

How do you turn your expertise into a sustainable income? What do clients want to hear from you? How can you make your freelance business run smoothly? During this presentation, you will learn how to promote your services without being pushy, the easiest ways to manage your finances, how to find new clients, the 4 formulas for calculating your business success, and dozens of online tools you can use to make a successful freelancing business.

You didn’t get into your business to be bad at sales, but unfortunately, your selling skills determine your success. The good news is, you don’t need an expensive CRM to manage your follow-ups. You can use a series of simple checklists to manage all of your leads, and show you exactly who you need to talk to (and what to say) when you want to go make some money.

There are simple messages that sell, but they need to be presented at the right time, in the right way, to the right people. If you can harmonize your message, your offers, and your audience, your email list can become the backbone of your revenue. Building the right Value Ladder, and promoting it in an Onboarding Sequence, can automate your generation of cash and clients.

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“Caelan’s presentation was unique, practical, and engaging. He had great command of the material, and from a performance perspective, he connected strongly with the audience. Bottom line: the attendees said this was one of the best presentations of the event.”

Mike Rayburn, Co-Chair, National Speakers Association Annual Conference 2019

 “Caelan is very personable, and his content is solid.

He has an ability to sell without selling from the stage, and that’s a skill that speakers need to succeed today.”

Steve Lowell CSP, Vice-President, Global Speakers Federation

“We were thrilled with the education Caelan gave to the participants in Stages PDX. His insights were illuminating and his advice was actionable. He spoke directly to the immediate needs and next steps of the entrepreneurs in attendance.”

Thubten Comerford, Event Organizer, Stages PDX