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Caelan Huntress is an American digital nomad living in New Zealand, and has spent ten years running an online business while traveling the world with his young family. Caelan is a website designer, copywriter, and sales strategist who specializes in helping entrepreneurs make more money in less time through setting up smart marketing systems. Subscribe to Caelan's newsletter here.

Shining attracts haters. ✨😡✨

By |2024-07-18T16:12:21+12:00July 18th, 2024|Articles, Introspection|

Do you have haters? People who despise what you do, what you say, or who you are? This could be a good sign that you are saying something meaningful. People who dare to take a stand on a topic will be divisive. Some people will hate your message, while others will adore it. If you [...]

From Known to Unknown: the Art of Innovation

By |2024-07-05T01:18:33+12:00June 11th, 2024|Articles, Productivity|

New ideas are only found in surprise. Before Thomas Edison demonstrated the electric lamp on 31 December 1879, he was a laughingstock in the press. "I have not failed," he famously said, "I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." To innovate something new, Edison had to leave behind what he already knew. New ideas [...]

With content creation, quantity begets quality.

By |2024-06-28T01:09:41+12:00June 4th, 2024|Uncategorized|

Multiple revisions make better content. Every draft is another chance to get it perfect. But once you stop, you are stuck with what you've got. Sometimes I publish fast - when you're prolific and you like to publish, it's easier to tweet out an idea than write a list of dozens of revisions. "Done is [...]

Your marketing can suck less.

By |2024-05-25T03:09:25+12:00May 13th, 2024|Articles, Business, Content Marketing, Marketing|

Does your marketing suck too much? Your marketing can suck less - less of your time, your money, and your emotions. Marketing Automation is the process of articulating, standardizing, and automating every step in the Customer Journey - the path from stranger to customer. Automation keeps you from repeating yourself. The time you spend making [...]

The biggest mistake of my career.

By |2024-04-24T01:03:27+12:00April 21st, 2024|Articles, Business, Marketing|

What’s the difference between a Sales Funnel and a Marketing Funnel? People can get easily confused about these two terms, and that confusion is at least partly my fault. See, I’ve been writing about digital marketing for more than a decade online. I even wrote a book about Marketing Yourself. Despite being an 'expert,' [...]

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