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Cleansing Introspection

By |2011-02-25T09:10:08+13:00February 25th, 2011|Introspection|

One of the peculiar aftereffects of The Master Cleanse is how MUCH of your yuck gets cleared away. And I’m not just talking about physical and intestinal yuck; I’m talking psychological yuck. I’m now cruising into Day 5 of maple-lemonade-cayenne potion as my only sustenance. Before I started on Monday, I took a 2-day long [...]

Donating selfishly.

By |2011-02-16T11:12:06+13:00February 16th, 2011|Introspection|

Since my financial world got rocked last year (like so many other people) I've been paying extra special close attention to ways I can change my money vibe, and prep for a dynamite, kickass year in 2011. The thing that's been standing out the most, out of everything I've been reading: give money away. It [...]

Hanging Up the Helmet…for Good.

By |2011-01-29T16:24:11+13:00January 29th, 2011|Adventure, Introspection|

Today, I'm sad. Today I finally accepted the fact that Danger Man is retired. I've been denying it, at least partially, for some time.  But today, it hit me. I was going to go to Supercon, another superhero-themed pub crawl, like the one where Danger Man made his public debut. I couldn't think of anything [...]

2000 business cards. Phew.

By |2011-01-25T21:05:15+13:00January 25th, 2011|Business|

I went through my old stash of business cards tonight, and it was very illuminative. While no announcement has been made yet, I'm preparing to launch a new marketing company (web design, content, and video).  I went through all of my old business cards and culled out all the ones who would not take my [...]

Future tripping

By |2011-01-22T01:34:31+13:00January 22nd, 2011|Introspection|

Im up late, and I cant sleep, and its a perfect time for worrying about the future. I've got a habit of learning how to be moderately good at lots of new things.  This is keeping me from working in a field where I can really excel, and I'm counting the years adding up (33 [...]

Bachelor Name

By |2011-01-20T10:37:19+13:00January 20th, 2011|Family|

'MacTavish' is a right noble name.  It's got the clout of a HIghland clan, and the stoutness that comes with healthy peasant genes.  I gave this name up to take the name 'Huntress,' which is being daughtered out. See, my fair wife comes from a clan that has lots of daughters.  The Huntress clan, it [...]

Train Table Films

By |2019-10-30T15:03:29+13:00January 10th, 2011|Family| Indilea and Zaden Huntress wrote their first movie this weekend. The setting: our new Train Table. The cast: Thomas the Tank Engine, Flodo the Bus, and...monsters.

The Year of Art

By |2017-01-07T10:19:26+13:00January 7th, 2011|Introspection|

Art, or Alchemy, is the XIV Trump in the Thoth deck of Tarot cards. Every year, on my birthday, I draw a card that symbolizes the coming year.  Last year was the year of the Fool, whence I drew the 0 of Trumps, that beginning of journeys that leads you into the unknown. At the [...]

My life in 2 years

By |2011-01-06T08:02:13+13:00January 6th, 2011|Introspection|

I came across a good smack-in-the-face post this morning, and I'm using it to wake up.  Now. I've been aiming for different degrees; for 6 months away, and for 10+ years away.  But right now, I am focusing on an entirely attainable goal: my life in 2 years. I want to be living somewhere other [...]

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