Make your mission a part of your messaging.

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  You set the altitude of your mission statement. 'Have A Nice Day' is a mission statement, but so is 'Shit Happens.' The most profound mission statements are often the most simple. You've seen a great one on every map. 'You Are Here.' That's a mission statement, too. What's great about sharing a powerful mission [...]

10 lessons I’ve learned day trading crypto

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  I've been day trading for a few months now, with a small pool of crypto, and I've learned a few things. First up - Disclaimer: this is not financial advice, DYOR, wipe your own nose. I'm just a dude on the internet, sharing what I've learned. Second - big thanks to @CryptoCred for his [...]

How Gamification Affects our Brain Chemistry

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  Gamification stimulates five hormones that our brains use to regulate emotions, mood, and decisions: Oxytocin: the ‘empathy’ hormone Cortisol: the ’stress’ hormone Endorphin: the ‘euphoria’ hormones Dopamine: the ‘reward’ hormone Serotonin: the ‘balance’ hormone Different gamification techniques trigger specific hormones in our brains. If you understand their physiological effects, and how to stimulate them [...]

The Unconventional Treasure Hunt 2014

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For the World Domination Summit, I made an Unconventional Treasure Hunt at WDS 2014. It was a scavenger hunt of riddles throughout downtown Portland, each riddle leading to clues hidden in small treasure chests throughout the city. My passion for treasure hunts is pretty big. When I told the WDS Adventure Czar about my idea, he thought it was bizarre and [...]

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