Have you ever seen a nine word email?

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  I learned a great acronym from Col Fink recently, during a live workshop at Thought Leaders Business School. He calls these SPEAR emails: Short Personal Expecting A Reply Contrast this with LINEAR emails: Long Impersonal Not Expecting A Reply When we are nervous about making sales outreach, we confuse our communications by complicating it [...]

4 Signature Styles for Newsletters and Emails

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  Your signature is your last impression. When you send a digital communication, the way you sign the end of your message can impact your relationships, your positioning, and your conversions. There are 4 main styles of signatures: Memo Streamlined Branded Palette Kitchen Sink I'll describe these signature styles in detail, and show you an [...]

Email List Building Statistics For Success

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Track Your Activity And Double Your Conversion Ratios Photo by SunnyGraph on iStock Many years ago, I was a car insurance salesman, and I was very unenthusiastic about what I was selling. I don’t like cars very much. They just get me from place to place. Lots of my customers thought about their car insurance the same way. [...]

The Power of Free Samples

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Have you ever been in a grocery store, and been offered a free sample? Maybe it was a bite of a bagel, or guacamole, or a little sausage on a toothpick. Something small. Something interesting. Something free. After taking a bite, were you asked to become a shareholder in that company? Were you asked [...]

How To Plan Email Newsletter Campaigns With Trello

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For project management, brainstorming, and collaboration, my favorite tool of all time is Trello. Trello is a virtual bulletin board, where you create drag-and-drop lists populated with cards. Every card can have labels, assigned members, checklists, comments, file attachments, and more. Every list lets you drag and drop the cards, allowing you to arrange your [...]

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