Have you ever been in a grocery store, and been offered a free sample?

Maybe it was a bite of a bagel, or guacamole, or a little sausage on a toothpick. Something small. Something interesting.

Something free.

After taking a bite, were you asked to become a shareholder in that company?

Were you asked to become a distributor for them and fill your garage with a warehouse full of their product, or to take out your phone and tell your friends and family about it?

Probably not.

At most, you were offered the chance to put a fresh package into your shopping cart.

This is the secret of free samples – they lead to a small purchase, and not a big one.

Free samples can quickly gain you little sales, but they rarely get you big sales. That’s why you need a Value Ladder.

Something I love to do with my clients is to stack their offers, and create a natural progression for their customers to follow.

When you map out this customer journey in advance, you can make offers that are in alignment with your brand, and your voice, and your integrity.

You can sell without feeling sleazy.

Free samples are one of the ways you can do this, and I describe how you can use the power of free samples in my next Masterclass, “How To Turn Email Subscribers Into Buyers.”

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Things we will cover in this live webinar include:

  • How to Sell Yourself Without Being Pushy
  • One Simple Tweak That Can 10x Conversions
  • Simple Email Onboarding Messages That Sell
  • The Power of Free Samples
  • Selling From Your Lead Magnet

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This free webinar is one of my Free Samples. After registering, you will be:

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The trick is, these offers need to be authentic, and genuine, and on brand. That’s what I help my clients do, is create marketing messaging that converts leads into customer automatically, while maintaining the relationship and the authenticity of their voice.

There are a few handy tricks to do that, and I’ll be sharing them in this Masterclass. Will I see you there?

Register here: https://caelanhuntress.com/masterclass/email/