You’ve arrived five minutes early to your appointment. You think there’s a good chance this could lead somewhere… …until twenty minutes later, when you call to find out that, yes, they’ve forgotten all about you.

No-shows waste your time (and your reputation).

Protect your time.

Prevent appointment no-shows from happening by sending 2 emails with Ace of Sales as soon as you make an appointment.

Step 1: Schedule The Appointment

You’ve agreed to meet someone next Tuesday at 4:30. It’s on your calendar. It might be on the other person’s calendar, too (depending on how organized they are). Let’s not take any chances.

Step 2: Send A Thank You Email Greeting

Make sure to repeat the date and time of your meeting, so they can double-check it against their own calendar. Make it bold – “I’ve got us down for Tuesday, October 22nd at 4PM at the Hero Cafe.”

Step 3: Schedule A Reminder Email For The Morning Of The Appointment – Today.

Directly after sending the thank you email, schedule another email to go out on the morning of your meeting. On Tuesday morning, your colleague will receive your reminder email. (You could even send them a postcard reminder, if you like.)

If something does come up, they can simply hit ‘reply’ to your appointment reminder, and let you know.

This way, you won’t be left waiting – and wasting your time.

Sending these Email Greetings also makes a great impression. You can show that you are someone who is on top of things, someone dependable, someone to do business with.

Do you have any interesting ways to prevent no-shows? I’d love to hear your tips in the comments.