When it’s time to market yourself, promote your products, and sell your services, most marketing tells a story about the business.

This is a common mistake.

“When you’re going to the market with what you’re selling, everybody doesn’t care.” – Seth Godin


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But you are not the hero of your customer’s story. Your role is Obi-Wan, the wise mentor who equips the hero to go on a journey.

If you are willing to take a supporting role in your customer’s story, they will reward you with money, attention, and praise.

The hero of the Customer Journey is your customer.

In my on-demand masterclass, ‘Mapping the Customer Journey of the Hero,’ I shared the 12 steps of Joseph Campbell’s Journey of the Hero, and how they correspond to the Customer Journey of marketing.

During that masterclass, as you may recall, I shared a resource I have used with many clients, to make their marketing an adventure: the Customer Journey Workbook.

If you’ve never mapped out your Customer Journey before, or if it’s time to revise it, let’s do it together.

Write Your Customer Journey With Me

Recently I taught an interactive, 2-hour workshop with Digital Boost.

digital boost workshop


When you look at the Customer Journey through the Journey of the Hero, you can identify the specific actions you need to ask your customer to take, step-by-step.

This can help clarify your strategy, develop your website content, and give you simple, repeatable phrases you can use at every stage of the Customer Journey, to turn a stranger into a customer.

You will be doing the hard work that makes your marketing easy.