Does your marketing suck too much?

Your marketing can suck less – less of your time, your money, and your emotions.

Marketing Automation is the process of articulating, standardizing, and automating every step in the Customer Journey – the path from stranger to customer.

Automation keeps you from repeating yourself. The time you spend making systems earns you exponentially more time in the future. Let the robots do the grunt work, and your marketing will stop sucking so much time from you.

According to Nucleus Research, Marketing Automation has an average payback time of 4 months, and typically results in an ROI of $6 for every $1 invested.

Making your marketing easy is what frees you up to do your best work.

Learn about the difference between all-in-one MA tools and custom stacks, what questions to ask yourself to improve your marketing message, and how to automate those simple actions that reliably move your customer further on their journey.

Here’s a free workshop as part of #​techweek24​ on this topic, called ‘Marketing Automation Made Easy.’