You’re setup with an email newsletter, but nobody is subscribing.

Dangle the carrot, or I’ll give you the stick.

People are already dealing with information overload in their email inboxes. In order to overcome someone’s reluctance to add to their inbox problem, you have to solve a different problem for them.

Offer to solve a problem, for free, in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter.

The best incentive you can offer is a free PDF download.

People Love Free PDFs

The problem of the modern world is not a lack of information. We suffer instead from too much information, and much of it is low quality.

Why do people Google for something?

You want an answer to a speicifc problem. Preferably, in an easy to read, digestible format.

When someone gets to your website, surprise them with an answer to a problem they are having.

EXAMPLE: If you are a realtor, a report on 5 inexpensive ways to increase your home value sounds great to your target market!

Maybe you’ve written a blog post or an article in the past that you can repurpose. Maybe you have an idea for a quick little ebook that you’re ready to write.

Any subject that would make good email newsletter topics is suitable for a free PDF white paper.

Here are 3 steps to get your free PDF download setup with your email newsletter subscribers:

  1. Make a free PDF. (Or hire someone like us to make one for you – ours are pretty.)
  2. Upload it to your website. WordPress makes it really easy with an ‘Add Media’ button.
  3. Put this link into the last page of your Email Subscription Confirmation.

Now you can put a Call-to-Action next to your email signup form. See how we do it in our sidebar? Go through the subscription process here, and you’ll learn everything you need to set it up.