A Table of Contents is both a map and a menu.

It’s a map because it orients you to your location in the intellectual terrain, allowing you to plan the journey you want to take through the material.

It’s a menu because you may have an appetite for something specific, and by selecting a chapter for consumption, you can sate your hunger by going directly for what you want.

table of contents

Here is the table of contents for my upcoming book. Marketing Yourself: Elevate Your Personal Platform To The Next Level

  • Introduction: The Cornerstones of Your Platform
  • Section 1: Your Strategy
    • Chapter 1: The 4-Step Customer Cycle
    • Chapter 2: Seek Out Existing Audiences
    • Chapter 3: Research Competition for Shortcuts to Success
    • Chapter 4: The Buying Trigger of the Customer Avatar
    • Chapter 5: Personal Brand vs. Business Brand
    • Chapter 6: Use Storytelling and Statistics to Illustrate Results
  • Section 2: Your Systems
    • Chapter 7: Your Website Is A Simple Sales Funnel
    • Chapter 8: Solve a Small Problem with a Lead Magnet
    • Chapter 9: Automating Authenticity with Emails
    • Chapter 10: List Building Statistics For Success
    • Chapter 11: Plan a Publishing Schedule That Matches Your Goals
    • Chapter 12: Test Your Own Purchase Process
  • Section 3: What You Sell
    • Chapter 13: Selling Is Pushing, Marketing Is Pulling
    • Chapter 14: The Power of Free Samples
    • Chapter 15: Stack Your Offers in a Value Ladder
    • Chapter 16: Sell To The Heart Before The Head
    • Chapter 17: The Timing of a Closing Question
    • Chapter 18: Customizing Sales Collateral
  • Section 4: What You Say
    • Chapter 19: Your Personal Statement
    • Chapter 20: Mission-Based Messaging
    • Chapter 21: Headlines Written By Your Customers
    • Chapter 22: Interview Customers to Collect Testimonials
    • Chapter 23: Sell to Small Groups of Qualified Prospects
    • Chapter 24: Make Your Marketing An Adventure
  • Epilogue: Marketing Yourself is a Series of Failed Experiments

You’ve seen this Table of Contents, of course, because you are one of the clever, talented, and exceptionally good-looking people who agreed to read the Advance Reader Copy. Can you please send me feedback by mid-August?

I’ll send you an email nudge in a couple of weeks to remind you. Thanks so much for your help, I’m looking forward to your feedback!

Please note: I’m not looking for a line-edit. Don’t feel the need to get real detailed in your feedback. If you could highlight things that stuck out as really great, or really awful, that would be helpful. If there are chapters that you really enjoyed, or really didn’t, that’s the kind of thing I would love to know.

If the only feedback you provide is one paragraph I could use as a testimonial for the book, that would be fantastic.

I hope you have the best week of your life so far!