How can our marketing bring us leads week in, and week out, without any extra effort? With a good Lead Magnet.

Learn the best tools and strategies for successfully attracting new clients to you by magnetizing your best content.

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In this live Masterclass next week, attendees will learn about:

+ The Game of Attention
+ The 4-Step Customer Cycle
+ List-Building Lead Magnets
+ Marketing Stack Architecture

A Lead Magnet is a digestible, bite-sized info-snack that can solve a simple problem for your future customer. The topic of a good Lead Magnet is usually the kind of thing people are always asking you, or something you are constantly having to explain.

Once you start attracting new leads with a Lead Magnet, you can make your marketing simpler, more actionable, and less overwhelming.

Helping people build a simple system that converts strangers into customers is how I like to spend my time. Next week you can come and learn my latest insights into marketing technology and digital engagement.

Thank you for registering for next week’s masterclass! I will see you during the time in this calendar invitation. Be on the lookout for the Zoom link, I will also send it to you the day before. If you have any advance questions or accessibility issues, hit ‘reply’.

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