This week marks the 1-year anniversary of the publication of my first book,ย Marketing Yourself.

Here’s theย replay of the Launch Party. During this 45-minute video, recorded last year, you can see:

  • the book covers I (almost) used
  • the 4 levels of a Personal Platform
  • the 4 Cornerstones that elevate your platform to the next level
  • Anย overviewย of the book fromย Sharรญ Alexander, who wrote the foreword

Writing this book took me five years, because I wanted it to be good. People say it’s a worthwhile read:

โ€œThere are books that you read โ€“ and there are books that you USE. Caelan has written the second kind. Consider this your action guide, implementation kit, and field manual for marketing success. Page after page of money making ideas that work and last.โ€
โ€“ David Newman, Chairman of Million Dollar Speakers Group
โ€œThe most actionable marketing book Iโ€™ve ever seen! Great step-by-step instructions with memorable examples. Loved it.โ€
โ€“ Derek Sivers, Author of Anything You Want
โ€œWhat a great read for entrepreneurs keen to get the word out there but with no idea where to start. What I love about this book is how intensely practical it is, without the marketing-talk or fluff that can really put you off marketing yourself!
And letโ€™s face it, if he can market himself from the jungle, you can do it from your lounge room.โ€
โ€“ Rebecca Houghton, CEO ofย BoldHRโ€‹

I’m especially proud of finishing this book before the world of generative AI transformed content production. No bots were used in the creation of this book!

๐ŸŽ Here’s my gift to you:

You can download theย PDFย orย EPUBย digital copy ofย Marketing Yourself.ย This is a full copy of the manuscript, and I hope it helps you grow your business and increase your impact in the world.

If it does, I’d love to hear about it on the hashtag #MarketingYourselfBook.

The Cornerstone Workbooks – 50% Off

To celebrate the birthday ofย Marketing Yourself,ย you can get the 16ย Cornerstone Workbooksย for half price.


There are 4 Workbooks for every Cornerstone of your Personal Platform – your Positioning, your Profit, your Strategy, and your Systems.

Each workbook is accompanied by a short, 5-10 minute video describing the purpose of the workbook, and how to use it.

The copywriting formulas and plug-and-play templates are what I use in myย digital marketing agency, Stellar Platforms, to help experts and entrepreneurs elevate their impact, income, and influence.

The workbook titles are:

  1. Anchor Brand Content Workbook
  2. Mission Messaging Workbook
  3. Case Study Workbook
  4. Personal Branding Checklist
  5. Marketing Cycle Template
  6. Sales Letter Formula
  7. Free Consultation Worksheet
  8. Call-to-Action Workbook
  9. Competition Research Workbook
  10. Busking Out Workbook
  11. Customer Avatar Workbook
  12. Customer Journey Workbook
  13. Content Calendar Workbook
  14. Stellar Email Template
  15. Value Ladder Workbook
  16. Marketing Metrics Dashboard

If you are ready to do the practical work to elevate your Personal Platform, buy the Cornerstone Workbooks today!