We are repatriating!

As I recently told my friends (as in, those who subscribed to my newsletter…hint hint) I am moving to Costa Rica at the end of the summer.

My whole family is coming with me. My wife’s parents, my two kids, my wife, and me, all going down south to live in Tropical Paradise, where we can afford health care and there is a decent standard of living for a moderate cost.

There are so many advantages it seems stupid to try and count them all. But I will try and go through a few of the big ones here:

  • Our kids will grow up outside in the sunshine, instead of in a rainy city
  • We will learn a new language by immersing ourselves in it
  • We get the excitement of living in a new culture
  • There is a strong expat community that has already welcomed us
  • The weather is amazing
  • The beach, fer cryin out loud!
  • Amazing mountains
  • Amazing coffee (coming from Portland, this is a huge plus)
  • Simple lifestyle as the norm for the surrounding culture
  • Statistically the happiest populace in the world
  • No armed forces in the country, meaning no war
  • Advanced telecommunications network – many international companies have their Central American hub in Costa Rica for this reason
  • Educated populace – since education is free for citizens
  • Active democracy
  • Lower costs for rent, property, goods, and labor
  • I can work in American dollars and live on Colones, taking advantage of the currency difference
  • When American citizens have a baby in Costa Rica, all first-level relatives get dual citizenship
  • Citizens get full health care for about $70 a month, and free education
  • Everybody there is so nice!

I could go on and on, but these are some of the biggest reasons I am excited about going. Pura Vida!