The words ‘Pura Vida‘ when translated literally mean, ‘Pure Life.’ When taken in its most metaphysical sense, this is the correct way to use it.

What is curious about the Costa Rican culture is that everyone uses this term, everywhere. Bank tellers say it to customers at the front of the line. Strangers say it in passing, the same way North Americans (Norteamericanos) say Hello. Actually, it is used more liberally than Hello; a better comparison would be with the Hawaiian word Aloha, which is used for both Hello and Goodbye. But ‘Pura Vida’ also is an exclamation of agreement, of acclamation, and of joy.

This pair of words has come to stand for so much, that it now stands for everything that really matters: enjoyment of life, community and friendship, perseverance through all that life brings, and a joy in every moment of it.

I named my company Pura Vida MultiMedia because I want to bring this powerful phrase to the forefront of my consciousness, of my being, of my life. I spent some time working in an office in America in a job I did not like, and I was not striving for the right ends.

By keeping the true prize in front of me, I aim to reach the right kind of success.