When you are a wired person, it is really strange to unplug.

This is a new phenomenon for our species; we have only had electronics for under a century, and the level of integration with our brain capacity that we have achieved was unthinkable a decade ago.

Now, anytime I want to record an idea, let all of my friends and family see a photo, or look something up in the Akashic-like field of knowledge that is Google, I am accustomed to having it all at my fingertips.

And then, we moved to Costa Rica.

We had a great trip. 3 adults, 2 kids, 2 dogs, and 20 bags, on 2 flights and 3 nights in a hotel. We have been planning the trip for a while, so we knew what was happening when, and for the most part, the trip went really smoothly.

We arrived in San Isidro de el General on Thursday, made a trip to the Feria, and then commenced to settling in to our new home.

Farm fresh foods.

Our landlady is really great; she has been introducing us to people left and right, and she’s really well connected with both the gringos and the Ticos (the local Costa Ricans). She threw a pool party on Sunday at our new pool to bring us plenty of new friends to meet!

Pool Party!

She’s made it clear that we can have as many of our own pool parties as we want, since it’s our pool, too.

Nothin like a good swim.

The kids and I have been going down to the pool every morning for a lengthy swim. Zaden’s first time in a pool ever was last week, and already he’s swimming by himself! Well, just him and two floaties. The kid’s a Pisces for sure.

"Daddy, watch this!" x 50

Indilea has been finding all sorts of new bugs, and we have a couple of educational toys that let you capture and examine the local insects. We get a new pet every few hours, it seems.

Indilea and her new bugs

We will eventually have internet connections at our house, but right now, I have to come into the downtown district of the country’s second largest city (10 minutes from my mountain) and sit in a cafe to get online.

It has been a strange relief to be without internet in our house; we haven’t been defaulting into our online habits when at home, and we spend more time cooking, playing, cleaning, and enjoying our surroundings.

I wonder if we should even have home internet access at all….

But, it is inevitable. Soon we will all be wired directly into our brains, unless we reach behind the ear to flick off the wireless receiver.

Until then, I’m enjoying the time I have where I can focus exclusively on paradise.

This is the view from my house. Yes, I am a lucky bastard.