Today, I’m going to share a case study of my recent video work.

eSpeakers is a SaaS company that provides an online directory for meeting planners and conference organizers who are looking for professional speakers for their events. As one of the most popular and frequently used speaker directories in the United States, eSpeakers has added many features to their software platform that professional speakers use to grow and organize their business.

Unfortunately, many speakers can have a hard time navigating the software. Speakers are generally a charismatic bunch, great with people, but may not have advanced technical aptitude. Even though eSpeakers provides a detailed knowledge base with hundreds of articles, without a lot of study and practice, some users might not be getting the most out of their membership. When users aren’t using their paid membership software, it’s more likely they will cancel. Onboarding new users into the platforms, and educating existing users about new features, required a medium that makes speakers feel more familiar: video.

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Project Aim

eSpeakers hired Stellar Platforms to produce a series of short, engaging instructional videos to educate their user base on how to use their membership effectively. These videos were created exclusively with eSpeakers branding, colors, and logos, and they had oversight of the entire revision process. As a scriptwriter, video producer, and professional virtual speaker himself, Creative Director Caelan Huntress was able to produce a series of high-quality videos, from scriptwriting to upload.


By using the project management tool Trello, and collecting iterative video feedback in Wipster, Caelan was able to give the eSpeakers leadership team a direct hand in the voice, the content, the look, and the feel of the videos. By first producing a full script in Google Docs, Caelan was able to incorporated the notes and the feedback of eSpeakers team into the content of the produced videos. By providing multiple revisions, Caelan was able to add content and modify B-roll and text overlays to make sure that these videos were perfect.

In the end, 22 videos totalling 90 minutes of runtime were uploaded into playlists on the eSpeakers YouTube channel.


“Caelan produced a series of videos that walked our users through specific features of our platform. The videos turned out well and Caelan was a pleasure to work with: super organized and very transparent in the process.” – Dave Reed, Owner, eSpeakers

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