You set the altitude of your mission statement. ‘Have A Nice Day’ is a mission statement, but so is ‘Shit Happens.’

The most profound mission statements are often the most simple. You’ve seen a great one on every map. ‘You Are Here.’ That’s a mission statement, too.

What’s great about sharing a powerful mission is how advocates and champions come to support you. When you stand for something, you can become the channel for others to achieve their own fulfillment.

Have you shared your mission with your audience this month?

This week?


If it’s something you’re really passionate about, you’ll talk about it all the time. It will be the common thread for all of your communications.

But if you don’t know how to say it yet, or if it’s still unclear, I’ve got a workbook that can help you figure it out.

Watch this short video, and I’ll tell you all about it: