Have you ever been lost in the woods?

The only way out is through, it’s true, but not all directions are the same.

Tramping one way might lead you closer to where you want to go; choosing the wrong direction could keep you lost, indefinitely.

What is the surest method to find your way out?

Find a trail.

If you can find a path left by others, you can follow it to find your way out yourself.

A trail is not created by people with nowhere to go, or who have no idea where they are going. A trail is made by people who know where they are going, and go there so frequently that the forest cannot grow under their feet.

Your competition leaves a trail, and you can follow it.

There are other people who do what you do, and some of them do it better.

Sometimes, entrepreneurs allow jealousy keep them from learning.

They are lost in a forest, scoffing at the path laid by others, sure of their own direction into the wilderness.

Maybe your bold new direction will take you to a secret, unknown vista, and you will be rewarded for your adventure.

That’s possible.

For many entrepreneurs on their journey through the wilderness, though, they aren’t explorers who have packed in supplies for a trip of unknown duration. Most entrepreneurs are looking for another customer to fix their cashflow, and then another, and then another.

There’s a trail. And your competition has left clear marks about what works for them.

How do you follow the trail without becoming a copycat?

We’ve all seen ‘wantrapreneurs,’ those who copy-and-paste the words and strategies of their betters. This doesn’t help them, it hinders them.

We don’t trust someone who has nothing original to say.

Following the trail laid by someone else, though, is different than wearing their shoes while you do it. You can walk at your own pace, with your own rhythm, in the same direction.

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