Costa Rica

Repatriating for Health Care

By |2016-12-26T14:57:43+13:00May 5th, 2011|Costa Rica, Family, Introspection|

Like many Americans, I have gone bankrupt because of our for-profit health insurance system. Unlike most Americans, I am leaving the system altogether, and coming to Costa Rica. International moves are expensive, but the cost of repatriation dwarfs the risk of becoming financially crippled for simply getting sick. My daughter has a pre-existing condition. She is four years old. There is a cyst on [...]

Pura Vida!

By |2016-12-10T16:12:13+13:00April 18th, 2011|Blog, Costa Rica, Pura Vida MultiMedia|

The words 'Pura Vida' when translated literally mean, 'Pure Life.' When taken in its most metaphysical sense, this is the correct way to use it. What is curious about the Costa Rican culture is that everyone uses this term, everywhere. Bank tellers say it to customers at the front of the line. Strangers say it [...]

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