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Gutenberg is Coming to WordPress

By |2020-02-03T11:28:33+13:00August 12th, 2018|Blog, Business, Content Marketing, Entrepreneur, Geek Time, How To, Marketing, Stellar Platforms, Web Design|

The new Gutenberg editor is the future of WordPress. I've decided to take Gutenberg for a spin in advance of the core update. Since WordPress website design is the foundation of my business, I'm always testing the latest tools and upgrades in advance, for two reasons: a) I want to make sure it doesn't break [...]

The Magic of the Internet

By |2013-08-19T10:00:38+12:00August 19th, 2013|Introspection|

I have access to all of the collected information of mankind, and it sits in my hands, in this wizard's tome. Anything I wish to know, any language I wish to speak, any formula discovered by any scientist since the dawn of time, I have it all. This is the age of man where we [...]