The First Birthday for Taos.

By |2013-01-08T19:04:16+13:00January 8th, 2013|Family|

Me and my boy, we've got back-to-back birthdays. Last year, when Johanna started going into contractions on my birthday, I thought, "How great! We can share a birthday!" As the contractions went around the corner, into the morning of the 8th, I realized how much nicer this is. I've got my day, and he's got [...]

Taos crossing the Rainbow Bridge

By |2016-12-26T14:55:40+13:00January 8th, 2013|Family, Introspection|

There are as many Rainbow Bridge stories as there are Waldorf Families. This is my story to Taos on his Special Birth Day. Happy Birthday, my little Great Spirit. Taos Crossing the Rainbow Bridge by Johanna Huntress There were once three little angels, who were born of one star, and who had loved each other [...]

A new Age.

By |2017-01-07T10:18:49+13:00January 7th, 2013|Introspection|

This year, I drew the Aeon for my birthday. This card is really well timed in my life. This is a Saturn Return, ending (and beginning) another 7-year-cycle in my life. Carl Jung study groups traditionally do not admit students younger than 35, for it is believed that the human mind does not fully mature [...]

4th birthday for Zaden.

By |2012-03-09T16:03:36+13:00March 9th, 2012|Family|

My big, big boy. Today, Zaden turned 4 years old. He loves trains, soccerr balls, and diggers. Yesterday, Tia Juana (Auntie Jane) gave him the best birthday present. She took him to a friend who operates earth moving equipment, and Zaden got to sit on his lap and control the digger for half an hour. He [...]

Fortunate Man.

By |2017-01-07T10:19:04+13:00January 7th, 2012|Introspection|

This year, I find my fortune. The birthday is a perfect time to reassess your life, look back on what you have accomplished, and look ahead at where you are going. To aid in my planning, I draw a Tarot card every year, to help me navigate the road ahead. This year, I drew the [...]

The Year of Art

By |2017-01-07T10:19:26+13:00January 7th, 2011|Introspection|

Art, or Alchemy, is the XIV Trump in the Thoth deck of Tarot cards. Every year, on my birthday, I draw a card that symbolizes the coming year.  Last year was the year of the Fool, whence I drew the 0 of Trumps, that beginning of journeys that leads you into the unknown. At the [...]

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