There are as many Rainbow Bridge stories as there are Waldorf Families. This is my story to Taos on his Special Birth Day. Happy Birthday, my little Great Spirit.

Taos Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

by Johanna Huntress

There were once three little angels, who were born of one star, and who had loved each other since the very beginning of time itself. One was a girl angel, one was a boy angel, and the smallest angel too was a boy.

Together they loved Gazing at the Mother earth from the Heavens. They awed at the power of the oceans and the gentleness of the forests. They loved the magesty of the great mountains and beauty of the deserts. The took joy in watching the many lovely angels that were on earth for their time, bringing their many gifts to the world.

One day, while they were enjoying looking at the warm colors of the earth below, They spotted a kind man with dark eyes and loving arms. He had a loyal and generous spirit, and a big laugh that shook the stars. And they spotted a woman with a gentle smile, a nurturing heart,and a spirit that was overflowing with love. when the three angels saw them, they remembered something they had forgotten. These two special people were made of the same star as them! And though the little angels had forgotten, they had loved them since the very beginning of time. These two people were their mother and father.

Now that they had remembered their parents, and found them down on earth, they needed to prepare for their journey over the rainbow bridge. For this couple would welcome the three little angels with open arms and gentle hearts to the world.

The angels first voyaged to Father Sun. And radiant Father Sun bestowed the gift of compassion to the three angels. Then they traveled to Mother Moon. And Mother Moon bestowed the gift of wisdom to the three angels. And then the found their Guardian Angel, who bestowed the gift Love to the three angels, and guided them to the stars, to gather the rest of the gifts that they would be bringing with them down to earth.

They then flew from star to star together, collecting light, laughter and joy for the earth below them. Lastly they sent a message to their mother in her dreams that soon her angels would be with her.

The girl angel was chosen to go first, while the two little boy angels would wait for their right moment to be born. Soon after, the second little angels time came to be born , and he, too, went over the rainbow bridge. The littlest angel had to wait four turns of the sun before it would be his time to come down to earth.

Finally, the littlest angel set out for his journey across the rainbow bridge. As he soared through all of the colors of the rainbow bridge, through the soft clouds and sky, he came into his new body for the first time in his mother’s womb. For the first time he got to wiggle toes and suck on fingers. When the littlest angel came into his body, he gave his momma a gentle kick! Letting her know he was ready to be with his family once more. He grew and grew and grew.

Then, the day after his daddys birthday, it was his day to be born. It was a sunny, hot day in the jungle when he came into the world, born into warm water.

The littlest angel was given the earthly name Taos. He was a Beautiful and healthy baby who was ready to open his eyes and reunite with the family he had waited for for so long. He first saw his mother and father, the only two in the room of his quiet birth. For a long time it was just the three of them. They soon called for his sister and brother, and his Papa and Dida. They were all together, at last!

And in their hearts, They joyously sang to him,

We all came to welcome you,

we all came to your birth

We all came to welcome you,

to welcome you to Earth

And I was there to love you,

I was there to love you

I was there to love you

and lend my body for

Your safe and gentle journey here

Through heaven’s open door.

In the first year of his life, Taos shined with so much love. He smiled and smiled and made many earthly friends with his star gifts of light, laughter and joy. He delighted in his being with his brother and sister again, and laughing with his Papa and Dida. He took comfort in nuzzling up to his mothers chest for a meal and a nap, and snuggling in with his daddy in the sling. He loved learning how to crawl, play in the water, and practice walking. He loved eating food, especially bananas.

And so, one year ago today, Taos was born upon the earth. His Guardian Angel returned to Heaven and hung his Little Angel’s wings on the Silvery Moon to await his return one day.

And now, the days are hot and sunny in the jungle again. The rains have stopped and it is time for summer. We have gathered as a family to celebrate Taos’ first Birthday, as it has been one year since he crossed over the rainbow bridge. Today, we light one candle for our beautiful Taos, remembering the very special day of his birth.

I love this quote from Sacred Centers about Crossing the Rainbow Bridge…

“Crossing the Rainbow Bridge is a mythic metaphor for the evolution of consciousness. Historically the rainbow has always been a sign of hope, a colorful arc of beauty that connects Earth to Heaven and humans to the Gods. To walk the Rainbow Bridge is to reclaim our own divinity and bring Heaven down to Earth, where it is so desperately needed at this time.”