Me and my boy, we’ve got back-to-back birthdays.

Last year, when Johanna started going into contractions on my birthday, I thought, “How great! We can share a birthday!”

As the contractions went around the corner, into the morning of the 8th, I realized how much nicer this is. I’ve got my day, and he’s got his day.

For Taos’ first birthday, we went to the beach.

He also had a big pot of chocolate pudding instead of a birthday cake. I think he liked it better.

Taos is a very happy baby. He loves his brother and sister, and loves to watch them play. He knows ‘Ball’ (his first word), ‘Mama,’ ‘Dada,’ ‘Hola,’ and ‘Bye.’ His favorite food is bananas, and he can eat a lot.

He spends a lot of time in the sling, but ever since he learned to walk, he’s been really squirmy. He wants to get into everything and experiment with it. Curiosity is something he has in spades.