This year, I drew the Aeon for my birthday.

Aeon Twentieth trump Thoth tarot cardThis card is really well timed in my life.

  • This is a Saturn Return, ending (and beginning) another 7-year-cycle in my life.
  • Carl Jung study groups traditionally do not admit students younger than 35, for it is believed that the human mind does not fully mature until this age.
  • With the dawn of the Aquarian Age only weeks behind us, this is a perfect time to start a new Aeon.

Today is my 35th birthday. 35 is a big deal.

In birthdays past, I have taken the invitation to adventure, brought together opposing influences in my life, and lived a fortunate year in paradise.

This year, when I drew a Trump card from my Tarot deck on my birthday, I was meditating in a secluded mountain pavilion.

I had spent hours rejuvenating myself, bathing in a waterfall, receiving a relaxing massage, listening to the jungle canopy.

Waterfall in Costa Rica

I drew the card, expecting another accurate description of the year to come. When it happened, I was surprised at the magnitude of it; this card is filled with purpose.

This year has been momentous, and we did just step through one of the greatest galactic transitions that our species has seen. The Precession of the Equinoxes has resulted in the completion of the Piscean Age, and as of three weeks ago, we are in The Age of Aquarius.

The Aeon. It fits.

This card symbolizes the Rebirth of the Phoenix, which foreshadows my plans for the year quite nicely. The Phoenix Formula will be launched this year (as I’ve already declared in my new year’s resolutions). Having the Trump card that corresponds to the Phoenix drawn today is very encouraging; this is the year I make it happen.

The Aeon can reveal destiny. I’ve had some inkling about what my ultimate destiny is going to be; the Great Work that defines my life is taking shape. I can’t see the whole picture yet, but I have been able to make some deductions about it, and I’m eager and excited.

I’m 35. I’ve reached full maturation.

Caelan at the beach

Now, it is time to make my work, and leave my mark upon the world.