My big, big boy.

Today, Zaden turned 4 years old.

He loves trains, soccerr balls, and diggers.

Yesterday, Tia Juana (Auntie Jane) gave him the best birthday present. She took him to a friend who operates earth moving equipment, and Zaden got to sit on his lap and control the digger for half an hour. He got to drive it on the highway and dig scoops out of the earth. His mind was blown.

This morning we went to Costa Paraiso, a hotel at the beach, to have breakfast and swim in the pool. Then we went out to the ocean and collected cool rocks, and came home to play with his new electric train.

Tomorrow, we’re having a pool party at our house.

He’s a Pisces, and takes to water really well. We’ve got lots of water here.

I think he likes being four.