Since my financial world got rocked last year (like so many other people) I’ve been paying extra special close attention to ways I can change my money vibe, and prep for a dynamite, kickass year in 2011.

The thing that’s been standing out the most, out of everything I’ve been reading: give money away.

It makes sense, on an energetic level. When you’re sitting around and whining to yourself about how you don’t have enough money to give any away, the Universe perks up her omniscient ears and replies, “You got it.”

We can short-circuit this by donating, selfishly. Finding a cause to give our money to, with full knowledge and faith that this will be repaid with dividends in karma, happy satisfaction, and yes, more money flowing our way. (When that happens, we we can donate more.)

I was all amped about this and donated some money last month, feeling great, and then, in the beginning of February, I pulled out forty bucks from my bank account to do it again. I set the two crisp twenties on my desk, and they’ve been sitting in full view for the last two and a half weeks, waiting for me to donate them.

The money wasn’t moving.

This is, poetically, after a couple of weeks where money has been stagnating in the rest of my financial picture, as well. Once I realized this was happening, I frantically tried to figure out someplace to give this money to, and fast!

I went to Clowns Without Borders, a marvelous project that many of my colleagues from Dell’Arte have worked with. When disaster strikes, these cavalier artists travel the globe to put on free shows for the children there. They bring joy to places where, and when, it is most needed.

Now that the envelope is in the mailbox, I feel freer, lighter, and more satisfied with my place in the world. And selfishly, a little less stuck.