I came across a good smack-in-the-face post this morning, and I’m using it to wake up.  Now.

I’ve been aiming for different degrees; for 6 months away, and for 10+ years away.  But right now, I am focusing on an entirely attainable goal: my life in 2 years.

I want to be living somewhere other than Portland.  Somewhere that it’s warm and sunny all year round.  I want to make my living off of my wits and my creativity, instead of my charisma or my sweat.

In two years time, I want to spend lots of time playing chess and reading fiction.  I want to teach my kids new board games and how to read.  I want to take long walks with my wife as we marvel over how lucky our lives have become.

I want to be effortlessly wealthy.  Not rich, not a millionaire, not yet.  I just want to have enough income to satisfy my basic needs and then some.  And I don’t want to have to hustle for money all the time; I want it to just come in, easily.

I want to spend time creating, regularly.  Whether its writing, or performance, or visual art, or ideation, I want to MAKE.  And I want that to be my primary vocation.

I see myself with a laboratory of sorts, a small crowded room that houses all of my experiments and crafts.  A workshop where I can create.

I see myself doing yoga every day, enjoying my exceptional level of fitness, and spending time with a large group of friends.

We talk about books we are all reading, and creative ventures we work on together.  I want to join a community of artists and creatives, and make something bigger than all of us.

In two years time, I don’t know how this will happen, but that is what I’m aiming for.