Do you send a Lead Magnet to your new subscribers?

Maybe it’s a:

  • Free PDF
  • Email Series
  • Online Course
  • Unlisted Video

This is a common list-building technique, because it’s effective. If you subscribe to my newsletter, then I will send you this thing.

How do you send it?

The best way: send a link in the confirmation email.

The worst way: send it as an attachment.

Think about it from a spam filter’s perspective. You see a new email come in, from a domain you’ve never seen before, and it’s got a 5 MB attachment. That’s going to get flagged, sent to spam, and your subscriber is never going to see your emails.

Instead, upload your PDF somewhere on the web – on your website, on Dropbox, on Google Drive, somewhere you can get a link for it. Send that link in your automated email.

This means that only real subscribers are getting your PDF, and you have a much better chance of avoiding the spam filter.

Here’s a quick video [4:20] that covers your best options: