Nobody faces the problem of ‘not enough information’ anymore. Every single day on the internet, there are:

  • 2 million blog posts created
  • 294 billion emails sent
  • 864,000 hours of video uploaded
  • 400 million tweets tweeted

The average person on the internet is exposed to upwards of 5000 ads a day, according to the New York Times. That is a lot of noise.

Imagine you are standing in a stadium full of cheering fans. But instead of yelling support for a team down on the field, everyone tries to get the attention of everyone else. That’s what it’s like to market yourself on the internet today. The competition for attention is fierce, and coming from everyone, everywhere.

To stand out in that sea of noise, you need to focus your content.

In this week’s short YouTube video, I share the 2 types of goals, and 2 types of purposes, of any piece of content.

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