When I started my project to make 100 livestreams, I knew it would take time and diligence, and also be a lot of fun. Here’s what I’ve made so far:

I plan to have 100 Livestreams published to YouTube by the end of 2021. Subscribe to my channel to get notified when I go live.

In addition to livestreams, I’ve also created a bunch of standalone videos:

And more for the eSpeakers YouTube channel:

And then there was yesterday’s Weekly Accountability Mastermind.

All of this was produced within the last month. Looking at my analytics, what video earned the most views?

The Morning Walk video I posted to YouTube Shorts:

Admittedly, my dog is adorable. It’s reminding me that no matter how well I craft my message, nothing gets as much traction on social media as a puppy.

Plus, YouTube Shorts is a new TikTok-style Reels-ish short form of content. They are prioritizing and promoting this kind of media, so I’m planning to lean more into even shorter-form content soon.

I’ve been experimenting with LinkedIn Live and Facebook Livestreaming, both of which have left me disappointed. TikTok seems to have the best audience engagement and activity, with their Duets and Stitches. After I finish my YouTube livestreams, I’m going to do 100 TikTok Stitches to build my audience over there.

Why am I spending all this time working with video? Because I want to get away from live events.

I have leaned into live events diligently for the past 18 months, thinking that virtual events were the future. After juggling multiple time zones, and coordinating events across continents so they could be global, my results have been tepid. People are dealing with too much difficulty with the pandemic and quarantine – asking them to reserve their most valuable asset (their time) to attend a live event has created lots of friction.

On-demand, pre-recorded, short-form videos are my next direction.

Thanks for coming along the journey with me. Stay tuned!