I’m starting a 4-week Weekly Accountability Mastermind next week, and you are welcome to join me.

If you’d like to learn more, watch this short video:

Each weekly session will be 30 minutes long, for 4 weeks, following a simple agenda:

  • Opening
  • Wins
  • Challenges
  • Commitments

You do not need to commit to attending all 4 sessions, but if you attend 2 in a row, I will check in with you and ask: did you achieve your commitments from last week?

Sometimes, having a little bit of accountability can help you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Sometimes, you just need someone to hold the space for you to set those goals.

On YouTube?

Yes, this weekly Mastermind will be livestreamed on YouTube.

I will be on camera, but you don’t have to be – you can be multitasking, and dip in and out as you find it convenient.

I’ll ask you to share your Wins, Challenges, and Commitments in the chat box, and display them on screen. (You can attend incognito, in disguise, or in pajamas, it’s fine.)

Or, if you’d like to volunteer for Hot Seat Coaching when we discuss our Challenges, I can bring you on screen to coach you through what’s been vexing you.

There is no cost to join. See you next week?

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