After two weeks of sickness and flu, I finally felt myself turn the corner today.  And with it, I felt the return of something much more important than my bodily health.


My sense of gratitude.


It came flooding back in as I looked at my beautiful son sleeping on the bed, tangled in the covers, his curly hair flouting any sense of order and declaring a sacred sense of disorder all its own.


I sit in a clean room in my beautiful house, a metal book on my lap ready to take the imprints of my thoughts as I muse.


My chair is massaging me.


I have a hot pot of tea next to me, a bellyful of soup and vitamins, and all is right with the world.


It is for moments like these that we live, the embracement of content, the certainty that all is as it should be and our world is the most beautiful place, because our allowance has enabled it to be so.


My gratitude is boundless.  My emotions are soaring.  This moment is an example of how good life can get, if we only let it.


And as I sit here in this amazing life, I am reminded that it will stay this amazing so long as we never lose our fascination with life.  While it is easier to court this fascination when our circumstances meet a predetermined definition of ‘good,’ the truth is the fascination with life and the gratitude for the circumstances that surround us as they are is what enables the ‘good’ to come about.


If we will only cherish what is, regardless of its goodness or badness, then we are given the monumental power to decide what is created in this world through our ability to manifest creation.


Understanding this subtle key is the great life’s work of all of us.


I feel ever more gratitude that I have taken another step on the path, and rather than hope for taking another step on the morrow, I choose instead to cherish the step that I am taking, and I will enjoy this stage of my evolution for however long I should stay here.