I have spent some time studying those clever entrepreneurs who have put up a website, marketed an ebook, and made up to $300k a year.

They share the same skill set as myself.

It it not only within my reach to accomplish so accomplishable a task; it is beginning to be embarrasing that I have not done so.  My life is such that greatness is all  but assumed for one with such a variety and intensity of skills.  So many of my skills–charisma, networking, massive prospecting, marketing–are so essential to the accumulation of many of the past’s great buildings of fortune, that it is an easy assumption that I can do the same thing.

I have a roadmap to accomplish this feat, and after spending time plotting my route, I am ready to spring.

This year I will complete my ebook, set up a website to sell it, and structure affiliate programs for others to sell it for me.  After I do this once, the process is replicable.  The revenue that results from so rudimentary a business model will fuel all of my future endeavors; my life will now consist of passive rebenue streams that I manage on a casual basis.  I am ready for this to begin, now!