I’m a polymath, so you may have been surprised by the variety of topics you see me write about.

Depending on what phase of my interests I was in when you started following me, you may be a little confused about who I am and what I do.

To give you some context, I’ll give you the bullet-point rundown:

Professionally, I’m a digital marketer by trade. You can see case studies of my work here.

Personally, I’m a bibliophile. I love reading books, and you can read about the ten books that changed my life here.

During the pandemic, I taught a lot of virtual workshops on the topics of digital marketing and virtual events.

Click here to watch my Marketing Masterclasses

  • Lead Magnetism: Grow Your Business With Marketing Automation
  • Your Message = Your Mess+Age
  • Marketing Yourself
  • How To Turn Email Subscribers Into Buyers
  • Plan For Success By Setting SMART Goals
  • Create A Content Calendar For Next Year
  • Mapping the Customer Journey of the Hero
  • Personal Brand vs Business Brand
  • Research Your Competition for Fun & Profit
  • Get More Referrals And Testimonials With Great Question

Click here to watch my Virtual Event Masterclasses

  • 10 Fun Games To Play On Zoom
  • Be A Better Zoom Host
  • Remote Culture, Communication, & Collaboration
  • Work From Home Like A Boss
  • Zoom #A11y: Making Virtual Meetings Accessible
  • The 4 Levels Of Productivity

I’m also a business coach and virtual keynote speaker. If any of these links seem appealing to you, give a click and learn more.

Oh, and I also juggle flaming torches.

I hope that fills in some gaps.  See you around the Internet!