We trade value between 6 currencies of exchange:

  • 😃 Happiness 😃
  • 📣 Attention 📣
  • ⏰ Time ⏰
  • 💰 Money 💰
  • 🏅 Reputation🏅
  • 💡 Innovation💡

A far deal trades one of these 6 currencies for another, at a rate of exchange that benefits everyone.

Living in New Zealand, I often have to exchange monetary currencies. Somebody pays me in US Dollars, and I have to convert that currency into New Zealand dollars to buy something at a local store.

The conversion rate between these currencies can fluctuate. On some days, $1 USD is worth $1.57 NZD. Other days, it’s worth $1.65. The rate of exchange between these currencies is determined by the market, and the going rate fluctuates up and down.

Looking beyond the currency of 💰 Money 💰, there are also currencies of 😃 Happiness 😃, 🏅 Reputation 🏅, 📣 Attention 📣, ⏰ Time ⏰, and even 💡Innovation 💡.

You get to decide the exchange rate.

If you want to make a trade, from happiness to money, or time for reputation, you decide what is a fair trade.

  • Volunteering for 4 hours on a Saturday ⏰ ↔️ 🏅 the respect of the members of the Board
  • Sharing a clever social media post 📣 ↔️ 💡 contributing a clever idea to your community
  • Leaving work early on a Friday 💰 ↔️ 😃 to go goof off with your family

What’s a fair trade? As Publilius Syrus said, “Everything is worth what it’s purchaser will pay for it.” If you can find someone to make an exchange and agree it’s a fair deal, then that’s the going rate.

six currencies of exchange

If you’re having a hard time making an exchange, here’s an easy hack: donating one of these currencies can incentivize a trade between two others.

​The Rule of Thumb – give generously four times before you make a request – uses the donation of 💡Innovation 💡 and 📣 Attention 📣 to earn the right to request 💰 Money 💰 or ⏰ Time ⏰ .

When I held a Virtual Book Launch Party for the #MarketingYourselfBook last week, I was asking people to donate ⏰ Time ⏰ and 📣 Attention 📣. In return, I offered 😃 Happiness 😃 and 💡Innovation 💡. We played some fun games and had a great time.

myb book launch

This weekend, I contacted everyone who had written an endorsement for the book, and asked them to copy/paste their review onto Amazon.

This was a delicate exchange. I was asking them to donate time ⏰ Time ⏰ to give me 🏅 Reputation 🏅.

So I wanted to make their donation of ⏰ Time ⏰ as minimal as possible. I copy/pasted their pre-written review from my Endorsements page, and sent them the link to leave an Amazon review. Instead of asking them to re-do their work, the burden of my request was much lighter, since all they had to do was copy/paste and click.

(Click that link above if you’d like to give me 5 stars! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ )

(You can also leave a review on Goodreads, if you prefer.)

All this week, I will be exchanging 🏅 Reputation 🏅 for 📣 Attention 📣. Whenever someone posts on the #MarketingYourselfBook hashtag, I make sure to likecomment, and share the post.

If you’d like to join the conversation, click to review and contribute to:

To everyone who bought a book or left a review, THANK YOU! I appreciate your support.

If you’d like to join the club, click to get your copy of Marketing Yourself.