When I made a TikTok sharing the ‘Do it 100 times’ philosophy I learned from Friendly Ambitious Nerd author Visakan Veerasamy, I tagged him in it, even though he spends most of his time on Twitter. There wasn’t even anything on his TikTok account, until he made a Duet with my video.

visa first tiktok
Visa’s first Tiktok

Now he’s in the middle of making 100 TikToks.

One of the neat things about TikTok is when people Duet someone’s Duet, and it expands into a chain. Remember the Sea Shanty craze earlier this year? It started in Duets on TikTok. Well, someone did a Duet with Visa to mimic his facial reactions and hand gestures. Someone else made a Duet that. Here’s the latest entry in the Duet chain:

visa duet tiktok

If you’re on TikTok, feel free to Duet with us, and keep the chain going!

If not, I challenge you to try something new 100 times.

Do It 100 Times

This year, I made a resolution to make 100 videos.

You can earn capability and confidence with a large volume of tiny mistakes. Familiarity comes with practice, so I am making 100 livestreams on YouTube between now and the end of the year. Every day-ish or so, I will create a short, informative, and entertaining video about a topic.

Here’s the first one (5:24) ->


If you want to follow along, subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’ll be posting X/100 at the beginning of every title, to share my progress!

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