The design for the book cover for Marketing Yourself is ready!

my book cover

I did not design this cover myself. Dozens of strangers on the Internet designed this book cover for me.

For this project, I used 99 Designs. I listed a design project with a $299 prize for winning the contest. Dozens of different designers submitted concepts that matched my creative brief. After selecting the top 6 designers, I picked the best concepts for further revision.

99 design book covers

Having a team of anonymous designers is great. I can focus on the high-level concept without getting lost in the details.

The variety and quality of the designers gave me a much better book cover than I could have created all on my own. It’s like that old African proverb, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ Anybody can make a fast book cover, but to make one that will go far, it’s best to create a team that can create something worthy.

If you’d like to see what the design process is like, you can see some of the early mockups in this livestream recording. You can also list your own contest on 99 designs (affiliate link).

I’m now going to prepare for the final stage of editing before going to print.

If you have already sent me feedback on the book, thank you! I’ve gotten some really good feedback so far.

If not, I’d appreciate it if you could email me within the next week.

I don’t need detailed line-by-line feedback, I’d be happy with general overall impressions. If you could alert me about what sticks out, and anything in particular you didn’t like, that would be most helpful.

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