The Mayan Apocalypse is already here.

We are experiencing the cosmic shift of the ancient Mayan prophecy, but this cosmic realignment will not happen in a flash on the winter solstice 2012.

Gradual realignments of great forces, eternal powers readjusting to one another, this takes a bit of time.

Are we in the midst of the 2012 end of the world prophecy, this very moment?

Or rather…this very decade?

The endtimes of December 21, 2012 have been a process in motion for years.

Cosmic shifts, after all, do not happen in a moment. They happen on a cosmic scale.

What grand shift is already happening, what grand reawakening are we participating in, right now, even as you read this? (Even how you read this?)

I have recorded my thoughts about this Mayan apocalypse in Central America, and I can broadcast these ideas out to anyone, scattered across the world. You do not even need to be present or listening at the time I record these thoughts; you can all review these thoughts at different points in time, and hear the exact same message.

This great Mayan prediction of the apocalypse is not about humanity’s destruction.

The Apocalypse is the Internet.

The Mayan predictions for 2012 have always been about a fundamental change in how humanity interacts with the world.

Our ability to communicate with one another, all across the globe, is majestic in scale. Precisely when this process started, one or two decades prior to 2012, and precisely when it will end, is vague. We can always debate about the exact point in time when a cup of melting ice stops being ice, and starts being water, but you know that when you get wet, the change is becoming.

This gradual process, a change that evolves as time passes, means that the awakening is not going to happen on December 21st in a flash, at the moment of the Winter Solstice 2012.

We are in the midst of this prophecy, right now.

Some of us are further awakened (i.e. integrated with more online communication tools) than others. Yet we are all learning and growing as these new types of interconnected beings.

Welcome to the fulfillment of the great Mayan prophecy.

As you read this, here on my blog, you are participating in the shift of the 2012 end of the world.

mayan apocalypse internet technology

Flame retardant apocalypse. iPhones included.