There are a lot of things that Ramit Sethi does right.

He’s got an incredible blog, full of useful content on a target niche. (Personal finance for twentysomethings and those who still act like twentysomethings, financially.)

I open his website every day using the Chrome extension Daily Links – similar to Firefox’s Morning Coffee, it keeps my fingers on top of the 20 bloggers I admire most, by opening every one of their websites.

Today, instead of going straight to Ramit’s blog, I was redirected to this landing page:

I love this landing page.

It doesn’t distract you with sidebars and navigation. There are only two options:

  1. Sign up for the newsletter.
  2. Find the small hyperlink to click through to the website.

Now, I’m already subscribed to his newsletter, so it was a bit redundant for me to see this. But as a blogger, I marvel at the tactic. (Honestly, I read Ramit’s blog more to learn from his blogging style than to learn from his financial advice. He could start another blog,, and I’d be all over that one, too.)

Another thing I really love about this landing page is the layout.

Logo up top, one image (the cover of his New York Times bestselling book), one headline, and bullet points.

Below that, fillable forms and a big garish button.

I love this landing page SO MUCH because it doesn’t use red capital letters, seventeen scrolls down to reach the value offering, filled with lists upon lists of copy that nobody reads.

Those tacky landing and sales pages are only one way to do it, and Ramit has shown us that a value offering can be made online with dignity and class.

Thanks, Ramit.