As I’m sure you know, the economy stinks.

Looking for a job in Portland (a digitally-savvy city) for a job in digital media (where there are lots of unemployed digital media enthusiasts) is like walking into a refugee camp and asking for a Denver omelette with a side of bacon.

Other people are eating, sure, but they don’t exactly have enough to share.

Go forage on your own, kid.

I’ve tried, with varying degrees of success, to find my own bread. It’s tough, and when you have a family to support, it takes a lot of your mental energy to try finding clients that will pay money, when they are struggling, too.

I’ve gotten some incredible experience through doing trades with friends, but now I’m ready to support my family. A jobby-job is (sometimes) the best way to do that.

So I am throwing my hat out there for my ideal job: a telecommuting gig, where I can work from my laptop in Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Social Media.

I had my resume redone by the amazing JobJenny (Jenny Foss of and the results are pretty frickin amazing, if you ask me.

(If you were looking for a killer resume? And you did ask me? I’d tell you to go to her.)

I’m always interested in feedback, so please, check out my new resume and tell me what ya think.