One of the biggest difficulties in maintaining a blog presence is the output of regular content.

There are three ways to fill up your RSS feed and keep your readers engaged:

  • Publish multiple authors on your blog
  • Hire a ghostwriter to write your posts for you
  • Schedule future posts and do all of your writing at once

Some sites (like Copyblogger and Mashable) have multiple authors, and they aggregate their content into one feed.

Other sites maintain one person as the brand champion, but they outsource the day-to-day (or week-to week) writing to talented copywriters, so the figurehead can focus their time on what they do best. (Figuring heads, of course.)

While you are still building your audience, and drafting your voice, it could be a good idea to batch your writing into one day. Make three or four good blog posts in a long writing session, and schedule them out for the future.

If you are using a CMS or popular blogging software, such as WordPress (our fave) or Typepad or Blogger, you can write a whole shebang of posts in one day and schedule out all of your updates for an entire month. Here’s how:

  • Schedule your writing time. (Things that don’t get scheduled don’t get accomplished, unless they are fun.)
  • Write down all of your ideas for blog posts.
  • Create new posts with these ideas as titles, and save them as drafts.
  • One by one, write first drafts of all of these posts. They don’t have to be good yet, you just need to have a decent word count. (Your CMS should keep track of this for you.)
  • One by one, edit your posts so they are fun and engaging to read.
  • Instead of publishing them immediately, schedule the post for the future. (In WordPress, click on ‘Edit’ next to the words ‘Publish immediately.’ Change the option for date and/or time.)
  • You can also create a blogging calendar so you know which post gets published on which date.

Don’t spend all your time slaving over your content. Schedule one block of time to remain active all month.