“Do you have health insurance?” I overheard my friendly local barista asking one of her regulars.

“No, what are you talkin about?  Of course not,” he shrugged.  “Why?”

“Because I was hoping you could fake a sinus infection for me, and get me some antibiotics, for my sinus infection.”

This is what we’ve come to.  Our citizens can’t even get medicine without working the system somehow.

I read about the free-dental-work-giveaway last month, when volunteers and dentists took over the Orgeon Convention Center for two days, and offered free dental work to 2000 people who needed it.

Which means that only the people who got in line before 5:30 am the first day got treated.

The article was titled, appropriately, “This is what a broken health care system looks like.”

Lately I’ve realized the only reason I’m putting up with this is because I’m not willing to leave America and go find citizenship somewhere else, in a country where they take care of their people.

With two kids and no insurance, I’m seriously questioning the wisdom of that choice.