If they weren’t so enjoyable, I would begin to find it monotonous; but I am once again having an incredible day.

It helped that I started my day with a yoga class, and then a rockin mastermind meeting.  Jonathan brought up a great exercise I haven’t done in a while: what does your perfect day look like?

He divided it into the perfect vacation day and the perfect vocational day, to divide between your working and play time.  I might do that later, but I want to have a perfect day every day, even when I’m working; and when I manifest the ideal carer, and I am working at what I love every day, then a work day will be preferable to a vacation day.

Here’s how my perfect day goes:

I wake up with a yoga class, nice and early.  I go to a cafe and have green tea, and I blog for a while.  Then I switch to coffee and get some serious work done; writing, networking, selling, etc.

I take a three hour break for lunch.  I go to the gym, I have a meal with my family, we walk around and go to a park.

Than I go back to work, to selling, to researching, to writing.  I do what I love to do for hours every day.  To finish the solitary time, I practice Parkour for an hour or two, jumping off of buildings and working on my moves.

Then I retire to my lovely home with my family, have a big meal and play games.  I read, I make love to my beautiful life, and I go to sleep early.

This perfection is not unattainable.  Indeed, I can have perfect days a couple times a week with minimal effort.  And since what you focus on manifests, experiencing the perfect day will make more of them happen.

I will schedule a perfect day for Thursday.  Everything I love to do, I will do.  I can put off everything else.