I’ve gotta take a break again.

After a day of feasting, on both food and favored intoxicants, I need to give my body a reprieve.

Maybe not an all-out detox or cleanse, but I am enough out of balance that I need to take some time to give my body a break.

I am doing a lot of yoga, preparing to amplify my gymnastic training, and I will be moving into Crossfit within the month.  This is not a stage when I need to be battle for consciousness in the morning against the intoxicants that helped lull m,e the night before.

I need to treat my body like a finely tuned instrument, since I am about to go into one of the most physically demanding periods of my life.  Add to this that amount of projects I am undertaking, and I need to be sharp and productive at all hours of the day.  Too many times I have found myself with a basic level of energy at night, and the kids are happily playing, while I have my laptop open.  While I could be combining these disparate moments into time building an online business and amassing my fortune, instead I am playing strategy games or puttering on facebook.

I do not putter.

I am a man who has great things to accomplish in this life, ands in order to make this happen, I need to focus.  All those activities which dull my focus must be shed.

So, no drinking or smoking for me for a while.  I am not going to be stringent about this; if I have a drink on a special occasion in the next few weeks, so be it, but I won’t be quaffing half a bottle of wine when I get home just to dull the edges off of my life.  That’s not where I live; I live on the edge, I profit from contrast, so I need to keep this difficulty and use the other tools I am developing in order to manage my modds.

every morning, I will warm up.  Not necessarily exercise, but I will warm up for the day.  Some light stretching, maybe some juggling, some breathing exercises; dedictaed time every morning, of at least a half hour.  This will center me throughout the day.

I also need either naps, guided meditation breaks, or coffee slingshots.  These 4 pm rituals will allow me to continually return to my center in the midst of a hectic day, as well as ground me in the absence of intoxicants.  I must look at these activities as essential and not as scheduling difficulties.  Remember, Caelan, it is those that think that get ahead in this life.  You are never wasting your time by producing those activities that make you think better.