I’ve got a new sport.  A new pasttime.  A new art form.  A new path to my ultimate career.

I’m putting together a piece the blends dance, juggling, and percussion.  I’ve got the song, I know what I need to build for my props, and now all I have to do is what I do best: rehearse.

There is no time in my life that I am quite so focused as when I am rehearsing a show.  My entire life becomes consumed with the show, and I delegate tasks to two categories: performance, and non-performance, related.  I block out my performance time, my rehearsal space, and my brainstorming sessions for the show, and I guard these zealously from all the other demands on my life.  This necessity makes me pay especial attention to those non-performance areas of my life, because I have to make sure they are all running smoothly until I can get to showtime.  If another aspect of my life up and derails my rehearsal schedule, then I am not being a productive performer because I have neglected a piece of my non-performance life to the point that it has interfered with my ability to create.

My new creation is exciting.  I got the idea by being open to what the universe gave me.  I was working at the Belmont Street Fair for my day job, selling car insurance.  I’ve had great luck at street fairs for the past few years, because I hire someone to do chair massage, and I ask everyone who passes by, “Do you want a free five-minute chair massage?”  Plenty do, and then I explain the catch: you have to fill out a form and get a quote on your car insurance, and then we give you a free massage.

I got plenty of leads last Saturday, and the sun got really hot, and some excellent drummers came to the booth next door and they started a drum circle.  It became impossible to talk to people, so I asked myself: what do I really want out of this situation?  What would make me the happiest?

A hula hooper and a poi spinner were playing with their toys right in front of my booth.  I took off my shirt, brought my weighted juggling balls into the sunshine, and I juggled, and danced, and my sweaty body brought in more prospects than I needed.  I had a great time, and I succeeded in my day jobs business, because I was true to myself, and what I wanted.


Suddenly I had hit the key to success: do what you love.  Everything else will follow.

I picked up the maracas on the drummers’ table, and I started juggling to the beat.  Now I’ve got another performance piece in the works, and this is one I can carry around with me forever.  A unique monologue dance piece, all to myself, that showcases my unique skills and abilities.

Once I make a video post of this, I’ve got a calling card.