I am totally burned out on my job, and I need to explore why.

I am sick of paperwork and car insurance.  I have become so good at prospecting that I have created a backlog of paperwork to do and I need to do this mind-numbing uninteresting paperwork and computer work before I can work the leads.

I am very good at working events, and getting people to fill out enough information for me to give them a car insurance quote.  So good, in fact, that I am now inputting ten times the amount of fresh quotes as anybody else in the state.

This leaves me with ten times the work, and ten times the follow up, and I just dont have that kind of capacity.

Instead I am foundering.  I have worked myself raw, and I don’t know when I can bring myself to go back to the office.  For now, I am just done.

I bought a six pack of beer and a pint of ice cream, came home early (6 pm on a weeknight is pretty early for me to get home) and I will take tomorrow off and try to recoup.  I dont know if I will be back for thursday or not.  I dont know when I will catch up on my sleep.

I think I need some creative entertainment.  That is what I have been lacking, is something to entertain me while I relax.  I am always busy at work, and then when I come home I am on father duty, and I dont get time for me to just chill and watch a movie.  I need that.

If I have to schedule it in, then I will.  Better that than a life appointment right now.