I’m at a loss here.  I am cranking out blogs faster than posts, it seems.

I have been using WordPress lately because its way cooler than blogger, and I am recognizing that blogging is likely to be a large part of my future career.  I enjoy getting used to the format, at the same time that I don’t want to invest a few weeks into learning all the ins and outs of the program.

I should probably invest the time in some tutorials, but again, I am not one for studying this stuff; I want to use it as a content aggregator.

The problem is, I have too much content in too many disparate categories.  I have started other blogs to handle my other interests, but then I multiply my tasks for blog tending.  I will have to learn the widgets of WordPress and apply them to different blogs, in different ways; would it be smarter to just pick one uber-blog and stick with it?

There is an aspect of this that appeals to me.  But I am not sure how much cross-over I can allow into my other areas of interest.  For instance, I would like to start highlighting my kids as they grow, but you know what, I don’t feel comfortable having them on the same blog as my business articles.  It just doesn’t fit with a single blog theme.

I have a couple blogs that are private, that really are just content aggregators.  But I also know from prior experience with notebooks that I don’t really use this aggregated content, or return to it.  I find the advantage in churning out all the content, so that when I want to craft content along specific lines, I am experienced and ready.

Perhaps that is how I should view this blog.  Simply practice.  When I do have a blog with affiliates and an accompanying newsletter (something this blog surely will not have) then I will be honed, and ready.

But this blog will be my sandbox, and I will play in it.  I will craft posts and play with the format, and learn the program well.  But I will not bother with perfection–not yet.  That always comes best after the bones of a project are structured properly.

So now I go to align the skeleton of my blogs.  I have not answered many questions yet, yet I will work through them as I go.