I am throwing my hat out of the ring.

I am now getting serious about considering other options for daytime employment.

I mean, seriously, I am a badass manifestor, I make things happen, is it really all that difficult for me to consider a sizable life shift in my employment?

Its not that I dont like my job.  I really do.  There are a lot of things that I am very grateful for:

  • My salary
  • My benefits
  • My flexible schedule
  • The latitude I am given in (some) marketing activities
  • The networking experience
  • The ongoing training
  • Being outside at events during the summer

But there are things that I do not like, that I am tired of with my day job.  I will not bother to list them, for I know what they are, and I opt instead to focus on those things I do like so I can manifest a job that has these characteristics and more.

Why am I dissatisfied?  When the rubber hits the road, my heart isnt in it, and that is the entire problem.  Every major sales trainer I have studied, and many of the masters of manifestation as well, say that in order to be greatly successful at something, you have to be passionate about it.

I am not passionate about insurance.

I have tried to get fired up about it, but in the end, its paperwork.  Its a contract.  Like advertising, it is something intangible.  I have acquired a skill in selling intangibles, but I have never liked it.  I will never be passionate about it.  I need passion in my work.

So now I will demand it.

My next job will be one that challenges me, that allows me to grow creatively and professionally, that allows me the ability to find new ways to do things, that pays me at leas six figures, and will be a major step forward on my lifelong career.

I am ready for the next stage of my life.  I am ready to be proud to declare to any and all who I am and what I do.  I am ready to take on the lifestyle of the man that I want to be.

I am prepared.  I am worthy.  I am deserving.  I am ready for this now, and watch me go and get it.

I am now manifesting all of the connections, relationships, and events that will perfectly place me into my new position with my new company.  It is happening now.

I feel the gratitude of having a job I love.  I feel the joy of waking up in the morning excited to accomplish more.  I feel the ease of coming home from work early to relax with my family.  I feel the satisfaction of my lifes work being accomplished.

I am ready for this.

I am making it happen now.